Amanda Le Rougetel, MA

Clear thinking. Clear communication.”


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About the Editor


My background includes teaching, corporate communication and journalism. My objective is to produce the strongest, clearest, most compelling text possible for a target audience. To do so, I focus on the language, structure, tone, and format of a written text to ensure the intended message is presented effectively.


I have worked with corporate clients to write original materials, and I have edited the work of authors in preparation for publication of their MS.


My editing skills have been developed over the past 30 years, through hands-on work in the communication field and through ongoing education and training. I enjoy working with individuals who appreciate the creative process of writing and editing, and who recognize the value of a set of ‘fresh eyes’ to help steer the project to its desired destination. 


I am a contributor to the non-fiction book Keep It Cold and Other Good Advice, compiled and edited by Marjorie Anderson (2014), I have had a back-page essay published in The Globe and Mail, and I occasionally write reviews of non-fiction books and films for Herizons magazine. 



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