Karmen Wells

Phone number 204-781-3804

E-mail             karmen.shelfmade@gmail.com

Website           www.shelfmadecreative.com


An experienced and passionate editor looking to help writers create their best work possible.

About the Editor

From a young age, I’ve been a storytelling enthusiast and self-proclaimed cinephile. My need to know and devour every novel and every film led me to my career as an editor. It’s my goal to help elevate writers and their stories to the highest possible standard. I’m not an editor who will tell you what needs to change, but rather I prefer to guide you to an understanding or to spark an idea so that you can grow as a writer and continue to create better and better stories for me to obsessively consume—it’s all quite selfish, really.

I have an MA in Journalism and took courses in the Ryerson Publishing Certificate. I’ve worked for multiple publishers and understand the best ways to adhere to market trends and what risks different publishers are willing to take. After five years in Toronto, I am now a freelance editor based out of Winnipeg and look forward to spending every day talking about stories. I hope you’ll join me. 

Editorial skills 


Substantive book editing (story, structure, style)
Manuscript evaluation 
Publishing consulting 
Screenplay editing 



Character-driven Literary Fiction 
Romantic Comedy
Young Adult
Short Stories
Narrative Non-fiction/Memoirs
Original Screenplays (feature length and series)
Adapted Screenplays


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Manitoba Editors' Association
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