MEA executive


Our executive members meet about once a month to discuss the business of the association. If you're a member and are interested in volunteering on the executive, please contact usThe atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and you'll learn a great deal about how to run a non-profit organization. 


Executive members 



Andrew Quarry


(currently vacant)

Adrianne Winfield




Roles and responsibilities

The following list is not exhaustive, and the items are not listed in any particular order. Each year, members of the executive may trade some duties depending on circumstances and abilities. The term of executive membership is two years, but you do not have to perform the same role in both years.



  • Create executive meeting agendas; chair meetings

  • Act as official representative/signatory

  • Manage the Gmail account

  • Advertise AGM at least 21 days in advance

  • Chair AGM and windup

  • Recognize volunteers

  • Oversee handover meeting for next exec

  • Keep record of assets, passwords (software, display board, email list, etc.)

  • Keep abreast of privacy laws as they relate to the MEA

  • Ensure association bylaws are followed



  • Support the president (e.g., run meetings when president absent)

  • Oversee volunteers (mentor coordinator, outreach program, etc.)

  • Prepare to be next year's president



  • Keep track of budget

  • Handle all banking

  • Track other budgets (subcommittees, projects, etc.)

  • Handle investments

  • Refund expenses associated with other roles

  • Maintain association registration each year

Events Chair


  • Chair the Events Committee

  • Oversee the schedule of events and plan committee meetings



  • Record/store executive meeting minutes

  • Store committee reports with minutes if related

  • Lead nominating committee for next year's election

Membership Chair


  • Maintain membership list

  • Send a personal welcome to new members

  • Work with treasurer to ensure new members get receipts

  • Identify member needs and ensure they are met

  • Keep exec informed of membership updates

Member at Large


  • Support executive members as required

  • Prepare to take on a new role in the second year


Events Chair


  • Chair the Events Committee

  • Oversee the schedule of events and plan committee meetings

  • Report to the executive at executive committee meetings

Events committee members


  • Attend Events committee meetings (about once a month)

  • Participate in the planning of topics for the year

  • Participate in the setup of events

  • Arrange an event or two (once you have experience and are comfortable)


Membership Chair

Astrid Schuhmann


(currently vacant)


Member at Large

& Loyal Web Minion

Daria Patrie

Member at Large
David Cramer


Events Co-Chair 

Hunter Miller

Member at Large, Social Media Coordinator & Events Co-Chair

Sylvie Côté


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