Reference Material for Editors


The following collection of references comes from members, instructors, conferences, and workshop presenters from various fields. If you have a useful reference to add, let us know. Below you will find: 


  • Dictionaries recommended by editors

  • Editing terms and definitions

  • Freelance advice and a contract template

  • A grammar quiz

  • Organizations of like-minded professionals

  • Standard marks for proofreaders and editors

  • Software tips

  • Style and usage books,  guides, and a worksheet

  • Thesauruses... thesauri... oh, what's the word?



Dictionaries recommended by editors


Recommendations are shown exactly as they were sent and are listed in alphabetical order under each heading.







  • Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd ed.

  • Gage Canadian




  • American Heritage Dictionary

  • Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed.




  • Chambers Dictionary

  • Collins English Dictionary

  • Oxford Dictionary of English


Editing: terms and definitions


There are varying opinions on how to define different types of editing. Here are a few of those opinions:



Freelance editing 




Grammar quiz



Organizations of like-minded professionals



Proofreaders' and editors' marks



Software help



Style and usage





If you are looking for prescriptive rather than descriptive authorities, use a style and usage book instead of a dictionary. Here are some recommended by members:


  • The New Fowler's Modern English Usage (revised 3rd edition by Burchfield)

  • A Dictionary of Modern American Usage by Bryan A. Garner (1998 reprint)

  • Words Into Type, 3rd ed. (Prentice Hall)

  • Caps and Spelling by The Canadian Press














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